This is what some people call “Rust Free”

Living in Pittsburgh are conditioned to deal with a certain level of rust. These compromises have been instilled by service technicians that are so used to seeing virtually every car on the road having corrosions that they don’t even mention it. Until it’s too late that is. Sure, they’ll tell you when your vehicle is condemned after selling you tires and brakes but that didn’t just happen over the span of one year. The factory coatings are flat out inadequate for our region. Winter and crumbling roads are so abrasive that pinholes are guaranteed to open and the salt left behind accelerates the rusting process greatly.


Once the seal is broken and rust starts building it spreads faster and faster. It’s porous so it will retain moisture and the swelling effect will expose more steel. This vehicle has been on the road for five years and by all accounts is average for the region and “rust free”. So be wary when you take mechanics and sales people’s word for it. You need to talk to the EXPERTS! Dealership sell cars, mechanics fix worn out parts, and body shops repair wrecks. You simply cannot get the information, products and service you need to protect your investment from them.



After a thorough analysis we are able to set a course of action to stop the rot. It’s always better to have two barriers of protection but if your find yourself with the beginnings of rust all is not lost. Often time a quick descaling process is all it take to regain a foundation solid enough to undercoat. We will take the time to make sure you get a thorough undercoating and rust proofing job!