Our Story

Nobody wants to work on rust!

The dream started as a high performance hot rod fabrication shop in 2003. After recovering from the Hurricane Ivan flood of 2004, we became renowned as the best automotive fabrication facility in the region. This prowess spread organically and people with ordinary street cars became aware of our capabilities. People in need of corrosion damage repair work were seeking us out. We never advertised, but they beat a path to our door. The next logical step was to develop a service brand that would be a beacon to this majorly underserved market. Starting with our passion for technical knowledge and our unique skill set, we added our high level customer service and professionalism to come up with Rust Repair Inc. The name says it all. A first-of-its-kind and innovative approach to mitigating existing corrosive damage and preventing rust altogether. There have been others before us, but none that match our commitment, knowledge, honesty, and pride.