Is Rust Proofing REALLY Worth It?

Is rust proofing worth it? Does undercoating really help? We hear these and many more questions just like them. Emphatically, YES! It works, is worth it and has great merit on virtually every car currently being sold and still on the road today. We have done huge amounts of research, testing and verification on clients’ cars. Our conclusion is that if you own and operate a vehicle in rust prone regions you gotta be nuts to limit your corrosion prevention to factory coatings.


The metals we use for vehicles today do not exist naturally. They are all too unstable. Steel will rust and aluminum will corrode. They will however last indefinitely if kept in an environment free of moisture or if they are completely coated. Almost every factory coating is a hard coat which doesn’t stand a chance against the grit continually coming off our roads. Its sand paper only without the paper! Fine grit gets between panels and wiggles and cuts as you drive along. Winter brings snow and slush that punishes your undercarriage much like glacial erosion. As soon as a microscopic hole is opened then corrosion will expand underneath. The factory coatings go from being a great barrier to a perfect trap.


There is only one way to break this process. There is only one way to beat sand paper, get it clogged and gummed up! Undercoating and rust proofing sprayed on your vehicle provide what the factory does not. A supple barrier that will embed the grit and stop it in its tracks. When you bring us a brand new vehicle our coatings working in conjunction with factory coatings to make your car a fortress against rust and corrosion! We can also descale and apply coatings when rust has already set in. Prolonging the life of your expensive cars.


It works very well but I want to make sure we’re very clear about one thing. Rust proofing does not last permanently. Our coating are oil based and will lose suppleness eventually. If the coating is scraped it will no longer protect. Without periodic inspections and maintenance you will eventually have failure points. This is why we offer zero charge maintenance inspections and touch ups for 7 years after application.


Undercoating and rust proofing is only as good as the person applying it. We are locally owned shop that treats our employees and customers like family. Come to Rust Repair Inc. and join the team in the fight against corrosion!