A Quick Conversation About Rust, Your Car and Becoming the Market Experts.

I’ll try not to digress into and all out chemistry lesson or myth’s page but there is a lot to bring you up to speed with. So let’s first acknowledge that our cars are made of metal that doesn’t exist naturally in its pure form. Aluminum and steel are only found as ores that need refined before being usable. The argument of new steel being junk vs. old steel being junk is pretty much moot. Modern alloys have greatly increased strength and modern design has enabled thinner gauge material to be used. We have also seen a marked improvement of OEM coatings and sealing techniques. So what this means to you is rust will take longer to start but go through your car quicker than ever once it begins. Good news for warranty claims and car sales. Bad news for you.


Rust is still an enormous issue. We’ve seen major industry corporations virtually disappear while blaming new car warranties and the economy in general. That’s just not true. It often times takes multiple deaths and class action law suits to get OEM’s to recall simple design flaws. Most will just do the bare minimum to get your vehicle to last past the warrantee date.   Blaming the economy is a poor excuse as well. Keeping a paid off car on the road longer is always cheaper than buying a new on. We’ve even seen some of our competitors lying to their customers and getting in major legal trouble.


The industry had been given a black eye. Most people aren’t even aware of a looming rust issue until it’s too late and their car has a major structural problem. We’ve stepped up to the plate to help educate and truly help prevent rust from claiming your vehicle. We’ve adopted innovative technologies to give us in depth views of your car to set a base line. Our dedication to honest service is unmatched and our knowledge of the products we use and how to maintain them long term sets us apart from the rest!